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Prevent electrical shock by avoiding direct contact with the mechanical switch which may sometime give you an electrical shock. Now you can switch ON and OFF your electrical appliances like lights, fans, TV, AC etc. from your mobile phone wirelessly. Do you sometime forget to switch OFF your electrical appliances when you are out of your home which can increase your useless electrical power consumption and increase your electricity bill. Cut your electricity bill 20 to 30 percent every month. No need to go to individual switch board to switch ON/OFF individual appliance you can switch ON/OFF all your appliances from your mobile comfortably and safely.


Home automation is all about controlling your home appliances smartly. Your home will become smarter than ever with home automation. Thanks to smart sensors, advanced microcontrollers and networking protocols with which it has become possible to communicate with your home electrical appliances from mobile phones, remote controllers, computers etc.Home automation will make your life easier and more efficient.

Physical parameters like light, sound, motion, temperature, humidity etc can be sensed with the primary sensor and the sensed signal is processed using a microcontroller. The processed signal is then used to drive the final element which may be a fan, light, TV, AC etc.

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Savings + Comfort + Safety

  • Savings:Cut your electricity bill by 20% to 30%
  • Comfort:Control your appliances from mobile
  • Safety:Prevent electrical shock


Corona Electronics

To design, program and develop innovative ideas and provide automation solution to the people helping people make their life smarter, comfortable, easier, safe and secure.


Corona Electronics

We intend to provide a smarter life to the people with innovative ideas and world class technologies and provide best services to the people with continual growth and improvement. We believe in exploring new ideas, spheres and domains to benefit society, sustainability and growth of our stake holders


Corona Electronics

Minimize Cost without compromising quality. To provide safety, comfort and savings to the customer. Increase sales with constant improvement in performance. To deliver best products and services. Continue to thrive and sustain in all environment.

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